Field, Vinson & Associates CPAs, RLLP

Family Office Services

Field, Vinson & Associates CPAs, RLLP offers our high net worth families a full spectrum of administrative and investement tasks to preserve their family’s wealth and provide for a succession plan. Some of the services offered include:
  • Manage Individual and Family Financial Affairs
    Assist with the implementation of overall financial plan. Activities may include monitoring plan, coordinating professional services, day to day financial services.

  • Coordinate and Implement Family Gifting Program
    Prepare gifting projections and update annually, prepare gifting letters and asset transfer documents.

  • Coordinate Activities of Financial Team Members Such As Attorney, Financial Planner and Banker.

  • Handle Day to Day Financial Affairs
    Pay monthly bills, cash management and budgeting balance checking accounts, hire and prepare payroll for domestic employees, and monitor property, liability, and health insurance to make sure there is sufficient coverage.

Who Benefits:

  • High net worth families
  • Family business owners into the second or third generation of ownership
  • Highly paid clients who face significant time constraints

How you benefit:

  • Central collection location of documents and financial data
  • Assurance that financial affairs are being handled in a professional timely manner
  • Continued plan monitoring to ensure that financial objectives are being met
  • Financial education of family unit by independent professionals
  • Relief of day to day financial matters

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